The Cadets - Hit "Stranded in the Jungle" in 1955.  One or more members went to Dorsey.   Miss Toni Fisher - Singer.  Hit with "The Big Hurt" in 1959.   George "Sparky" Anderson - Baseball player and successful major league manager.   Billy Consolo - Baseball player and coach.  The first "bonus baby".   Bill Lachemann - Baseball player and minor league manager.   Marcel Lachemann - Baseball player and major league manager   Rene Lachemann - Baseball player and major league manager.   Chili Davis - Baseball player   Don Buford - Baseball player.   Dale Williams - Umpire   Diane Watson - Politician   Mike Love - Beach Boy . Served on projection crew and ran track at Dorsey.  Apparently couldn't sing then as well.  Never surfed.   Sheila Kuehl - Stage name Sheila James.  Jackie on Stu Erwin Show, Zelda on Dobie Gillis.  Politician.  Gay rights activist.   Kenny Washington Jr – Baseball player.   Billy Preston - Musician.  Keyboard on Beatles "Get Back".  Popular song "Nothin' from Nothin' ".   Marilyn McCoo - Singer with Fifth Dimension.  Solo on "Wedding Bell Blues". Ron Townsend - Singer with Fifth Dimension.  Former custodian at Dorsey.   Clarence McDonald - Pianist.  Played on numerous songs including James Taylor's "How Sweet it is".   The Younghearts - R&B group led by Ron Preyer formed at Dorsey with limited but enduring success. 
 "Judge Joe" Brown - Judge. TV Personality.  Presided at James Earl Ray's last appeal for murder of Martin Luther King.    Howard Weitzman - Attorney.  Clients included O.J. Simpson, Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson, Courtney Love and Arnold Schwarzenegger.   Hiroshima - Jazz fusion group   Arthur Lee  - Leader of R & B group "Love"   Brenda Sykes - Actress.    Keyshawn Johnson - Football player.  Loudmouth.   And from our own class (S'58): Frank Buncom – Football player. All-Pro.   Joann Allen - Chanteuse   William D. Hepworth - Mayor of Sutter Creek, California (2 times) Recent Additions: Don Podolor - Record Producer Willie Connell - Well known flutist Marcel Lachman - Played Major League Baseball and was pitching coach for the San Francisco Giants and Anaheim Angels Bill DeWitt - Vice Mayor of South Gate Marni Nixon - Broadway Musical Performer Howard Kaufman - Talent Agent in Hollywood Don Podoler (Summer 1949) - Founder of American Records Jackie Lacey (1975) - Elected 2012 L.A. Colunty District Attorney Dennis Berssford (Summer 1956) - Twice Chairman, Finalcial Accounting Standards Board Donn Zimmerman (Winter 1957) - Chairman, National Labor Relations Board Recent additions to this list were submitted by Cliff Lightfoot. (11/7/2015)
DORSEY HIGH SCHOOL NOTABLES  Courtesy of Jack Carrothers (S'58)
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