John H. Beaumont, Photographer


As a Hobby I’ve been an avid photographer for

almost all my life.

By popular request (at least by Gerry Blackwell) I’m presenting some of my photographs for your enjoyment. Now that being said, not everyone may find some of the subject matter to their liking. I do hope however you’ll find some of my photos visually appealing. This site is exclusively for members of Hernando’s Hideaway although you could share the link with anyone you feel would enjoy the images. These images are not associated with Hernando’s as any Hernando’s images will appear directly on the Hernando’s web site. So go and explore. I’ll be adding some photos on a limited basis, perhaps a couple a month. So, you’ll need to come back to see what has been added since your last visit.
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A History of my Cameras . . . .

When thinking about how to construct this web site I began to think about the cameras I’ve owned over the years. I know I’ve forgotten a couple of them but below is a chronological list as I remember from the 50’s up to today.
How It’s Done, then and now . . . In the late 60’s I built a traditional dark room in my home. Using that dark room I processed hundreds of rolls of film. Today that dark room is gone and it’s all digital. It’s all about mega-pixels, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It’s quite amazing what you can do with todays digital darkroom..
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