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Let’s see how this will work. Below you’ll find a list of categories that will make up the photo gallery. Next to the category name you’ll find a date that a photo has been added to that particular gallery. So by the date and the last time you visited you’ll know if any photos have been added. More categories will most likely be added as the photo gallery grows.  You’ll be able to visit each gallery by clicking on the category. That will take you to the gallery, from there you’ll be able to return to this page by using the menu bar at the top or the link at the bottom.   Of course your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. How it’s going to work . . . .
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About my Logo . . . . Whats in a name? Using the French translation of the name Beaumont, you’ll find that it means ‘Beautiful Mountain’. Therefore the logo above should be obvious.
About the galleries . . . . Photos within the galleries may be recent or from the past. Some taken with film and some taken with digital cameras. It’s all about the image, not how it was taken.