As webmaster I need your help. This site will not grow without your contribution. I find it interesting that many of you don't regularly serf the web or use your computer to find friends and family. If you don't have a computer go use your kids or grandkids - they'll show you how. If you aren't actively on the net, I hope this site will persuade you to become an active participant. How do I submit pictures? If you're computer literate, just use your scanner to scan the picture. Remember it's being used for the web and image resolution doesn't have to be more than 100 dpi and should be in .jpg format. You'll be able to attached these files with your email to me and before you know it, they'll be on Hernando's web site. If you don't own a scanner, see if you can find a friend that can scan them for you. Got a digital camera? Current pictures are also
needed. Be sure to include any information you can about the picture you'll want others to know. And finally, if you can't make that happen, send the photos via snail mail to me and I'll scan them and return them to you. Please don't send your only original - don't want them lost in the mails. Can I make suggestions to the site? Yes, most definitely! I'll need your imagination and creative ideas to keep this site interesting enough to return to. You'll all need to help make it work.
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