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HOW DID THIS WEB SITE START? It all started, at least on paper, when I received a phone call from Bob Hodgson - "My God, you're still at the same phone number!", he said, in a voice I knew. This brief exchange brought back fond memories. I was remembering my past and wondering where the gang was and what they are doing. If you've made it to this web site you are at least an honorary member (if not a charter member) of Hernando's Hideaway. If you can't remember Hernando's, age may have taken its' toll, but just think of it as a place to escape to, with friends you like, offering fond memories and hopefully a few laughs along the way. (2007)
Well, that was back in 2007, 15 years ago! Today the web site has over 150 individual web pages and well over 575 photographs. Along the way we have, sadly, lost some members. The reunions have gotten smaller and sometimes less frequent due to covid and other issues. So as the web site goes into its 16th year, I hope you'll consider contributing to keep the site active. Even if you're not a Hernando’s member I'll welcome your input and you just might become an Honorary member. Even more impressive is the fact that Hernando's Hideaway itself is celebrating its 68th year. Amazing! (2022) If you leave me you're email address I'll add you to the mailing list which lets you know when the web site changes and additions have been made. It goes without saying that I'll protect your email address. Use the contact page (on the menu bar) to get in touch with me. As always, John