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This poster was displayed at our 2013 reunion. The poster is 20” x 30” and can be printed at the Costco photo center for under $10.00. You’ll need to download the image from the link below, it will be downloaded as a zip file, make note of where you download the file (usually your ‘Downloads’ directory). Once downloaded find the ‘zip’ file and unzip it. It will create a folder called “Hernandos Poster”, inside that folder will be a ‘tif’ file of the image. Take it to Costco on a DVD or USB stick. You’ll be able to load it into their system and choose a 20” x 30” poster. They can print it out for you and you’ll have your own poster. If you have any questions Costco should be able to help you. Hope you enjoy it! John
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hernando’s poster - 2013 hernando’s poster - 2013