photos from the past
Supermarket 1964
Hotdog Stand 1947
Breaking the Rules 1050's
Popular Hair Styles 1950's
Orange Bowl Segregated Seating 1955
The Jackie Look 1961
Paramont Motion Picture School 1940
The Street was their Playground
Los Angeles Street Car chaos
Irish schoolboys taking their dose of Caster Oil
Traveling First Class 1948
The suburbs Bell Flower CA
Buying a Car 1950
Central Park NYC 1900
Doing Homework 1946
prom night
Mobile School Ontario Canada 1932
Classic Lunch Counter 1960s
Daytona Beach 1950's
Phone from your car 1959
Picking up the mail 1900's
Great Sales Pitch 1953
Crowd at a high school football game, 1944 (Notice that there are NO young men in crowd. WWII was going on)