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Clifford’s Corner
Another Celebration of Life-A Dorsey Detective Wayne Horton graduated Dorsey high in summer 1958, the same class as Gerry Ferber Blackwell. This event was hosted by Wayne's daughter, Adrienne and husband Steve, in Carlsbad, CA, on Saturday, July 10th. Wayne spent his career with the LAPD, last years as a Detective out of the Pacific Division (Venice). Wayne's relatives at Dorsey included sister Julie (summer 1956 grad) and cousin Sue Clegnorn (winter 1956 grad). In his last weeks, Adrienne took care of Wayne in Carlsbad. Ned Momary, a close friend and retired dentist (Dorsey summer 1958) drove four of us to Carlsbad, from Manhattan Beach., a 3-hour drive. As Covid slows down, it seems like everyone is heading to Mexico??? It wasn't horse racing at Del Mar; it just started this week. Adrienne and Steve's home is beautiful, like the Clarkson's. Their pool is large, with kids and some adults in swimming. A built-in bar was covered with a large umbrella, to protect from the sun and heat. Those attending totaled about 60 adults and kids. The food was all served in a large family room-dining area. The libations were all out by the bar. Activities to note: 1. Lots of group photos (I was even in some with people I never met before). 2. A Memory Card signing, to share thoughts about Wayne. 3. Smooth large pebbles, with words engraved on them; mine says, "Inspire". 4. The show-stopper: The four of us (Ned, Rosalie, Pat and I), were in the home front entry hall, less than five minutes. Wayne's son and son-in-law, Steve, were on the marble floor, beating the hell out of one another, as Steve was uttering, "You don't say things like that in front of a woman. Get out of my house, and never come back". A third party suggested the fight was over money. As they say, "Different strokes for different folks". That's all folks.
July 15, 2021