Here is the history of "Hernando's" as I recall it. When      myself      (Gerry      Ferber      Blackwell),      Joanne      (Dolkart), Arline(Jeffs),   Marlene   (Bine),   were   about   13   &   14   we   were   bored   one summer    and    decided    to    get    a    bunch    of    the    neighborhood    kids together,   climb   the   fence,   and   play   baseball   on   the   playground   at 57th   Street   School.   We   attracted   Bob   Hodgson,   Ted   Wood,   Gary Black,   Phillip   Young   and   very   possibly   a   few   others.   We   played   every evening   and   other   kids   would   drive   by   either   in   cars   or   motorcycles and   join   us.   That   would   be,   Walt   McBride,   Gus,   John   Beaumont, Margaret   Hodgson,   Wilton   Blank,   Robbie   Dickenson,   Roger   Urie, Ted Cottle,    Wendell    &    Doug    Christopher,    Wiley    Baker,    I'm    afraid    I've forgotten   several   and   I   beg   their   pardon.   One   evening   the   police   came   by   and   told us   we   couldn't   play   on   the   school   grounds   anymore   so   we   ended   up   gathering   on the   corner   of   57th   Street   &   Alviso.   The   group   grew   and   we,   as   kids,   created   some havoc,   innocent   but   annoying   to   many   in   the   neighborhood   especially   the   Capps family   who   lived   across   the   street   from   me   with   their   pain   in   the   butt   daughter, Winifred! The police said we had to disperse, what were we to do. In   my   backyard   was   this   little   building   called   a   rumpus   room.   We   now   have   a   photo of   the   little   building,   you   can   click   here    to   see   it!    No   one   lived   in   it,   we   used   it   for piano   playing   and   sometimes   slept   there   in   the   summer   time.   I   asked   my   parents   if we   could   use   it   for   our   quiet,   well   behaved,   bunch!!!   Sure   they   said.   We   decided   it needed   a   name   plus   membership   cards   because   the   group   was   growing   and   we needed   to   keep   out   the   undesirables.   I   think   Joanne   may   still   have   her   card.   So   the name   "Hernando's".   My   parents   went   beyond   the   call   of   duty.   They   put   up   with   loud music,   motorcycles   up   and   down   the   driveway,   and   constant   stream   of   guys   with black    jackets,    duck    tails    and    motorcycles    boots.    My    sister    was    livid    and    was constantly   harassed   by   some   of   us.   This   continued   for   a   couple   of   years   and   then my   parents   had   had   enough   and   we   moved   operations   to   Bob   Hodgsons   basement. Well,   time   marched   on   and   we   went   our   separate   ways,   trying   always   to   keep   in touch. The   worse   we   did   was   smoke   cigarettes   and   drink   some   beer.   Some   of   us   too much beer! It was a time I truly cherish in my memory bank. Gerry (Ferber) Blackwell
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A message from the webmaster  How did this site start?  It all started, at least on paper, when I received a phone call from Bob Hodgson - "My God, you're still at the same phone number!", he said, in a voice I knew. This brief exchange brought back fond memories. I was remembering my past and wondering where the gang was and what they are doing.  If you've made it to this web site you are at least an honorary member (if not a charter member) of Hernando's Hideaway. If you can't remember Hernando's, age may have taken its' toll, but just think of it as a place to escape to, with friends you like, offering fond memories and hopefully a few laughs along the way.  John Beaumont
This site is dedicated to old friends and the good and bad times we had together. What are you doing tonight? Meet you at Hernando's!